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Sitting on the marble,

Light enough to float,

A castle of plastic,

Now my very own moat!

Alas I’m betrayed,

The floods are here!

They rip right through me,

Till the water runs clear.

Wringing, scrubbing,

Metal cold against my skin.

But these trials shall be dealt with,

Queen Sponge shall win!

I have never quite known,

Why I’m built this way.

And while I’ll shake it off my back,

Some drops still stay.

- Divij Kulkarni

I don’t know if I described what the pain of fibromyalgia feels like and it's mostly just feeling like a wet sock all the time but I think the closest analogy I could come up with was that if you take a sponge and immerse it fully in water, the sponge that is usually really light and airy becomes heavy and full, dripping water to no end. That is what a flare up feels like. Then when you squeeze out all the water, there is always still a few drops left inside and that’s what the daily pain feels like, no matter how much i try to get my life back on track those few drops always stay. It’s been a while since the sponge has been fully dry…

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